03 December 2013

Hi Power Clone

Marv has obtained an FÉG made copy of a Hi Power.  HIs came from the same Gunbroker vendor I used and because it's not a real FN, it was $200 cheaper!

The thing is even marked with "FABRIQUE NATIONALE HERSTAL BELGIQUE" on the slide.

The proof marks are a close to FN's, but not quite and the barrel proof is in the wrong spot.  Other FN inspection marks are missing and the serial number is not of any Belgian pattern.

The theory goes that Israel needed more Hi Powers and getting them marked so slid them past the US busybodies who would have been upset about Israel doing business with Communist Hungary while the Cold War was still a going concern.

Mine is a Mark II.  The FÉG is a clone of a post-62 Mark I.  Ring hammer, small one-sided safety.


  1. Fucking Massachusetts, So hard to get inexpensive Hi-Powers here. I kinda want one...

    1. Especially since this gun was $269 before shipping and transfer fees.


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