01 December 2013


If I seem to be obsessing about my L2A2 SUIT, well I am.

I occurs to me that the Brits were way ahead of the rest of the world with the idea of issuing an optical sight to every grunt.

Who doesn't these days?  (Rhetorical question)

Without the SUIT there probably wouldn't be ELCAN.  Then SUSAT, Aimpoint, ACOG, EOTech...  The G23 would probably have iron sights.

Speaking of ACOG...

There's several marked similarities in concept between the old SUIT and the ACOG.  This makes me excited about my SUIT because I'm getting the performance and saving on the order of $1,000.

I know my scope is tough.  It survived at least a week underwater then years sitting in the same box that  it was submerged in.  Yes, there was some rust, but it cleaned up for the most part and while that made it ugly; it's still completely functional (except for that worn spring).

I see these scopes on ebay and gunbroker running for $250.  What they are lacking is good mounts for modern guns since TAPCO stopped making the weaver mount I am using.

There are a couple of sellers on gunbroker who have the TAPCO mount; if you're looking for a good solid 4x scope for your rifle and are on something of a budget; you can't go too far wrong picking one up.

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