04 December 2013


The trilux scope is a mere four power.

Which I think is well suited to use with an intermediate power round like 6.8x43mm.

But until fairly recently, 4x was actually on the high side of magnification for sniper rifles, on average.  Full power rifle rounds like .30-06, .303 Brit or 7.62x54mmR.

This scope, in fact, was developed for use on the British FAL.  7.62x51mm.

The higher magnifications on modern guns make sense since the sniper is a different job than it used to be.  A WW2 sniper would be called a designated marksman now.

Sniper rifles didn't used to be precision weapons.  They were just particularly good examples of the issue rifle every grunt carried.  The M1903A4 (with a 2.75x scope) is close to the first rifle built from the ground up as a sniper rifle as opposed to taking a tight grouping gun off the infantry production line.  And the 03A4 is not that far removed from the 03A3.

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