06 December 2013

Tomayto Tomahto

Cyclic is pronounced "sigh click" not "sick lick".

The root word is cycle (sigh cull) not (sickle).

My skin itches every time the "expert" shooters in The Jackal say it wrong.


  1. Its a science thing. People with word salad after their name feel the need to talk funny so they sound smarter.

    The craziest example I've heard is a biology professor talking about the skeletal system. (skeh-LEE-tal) And of course those of us who know better will be thinking "Well he's smarter than me, and that's how HE says it" so THEY'll start doing it.

    Next thing you know there will be a petition to Websters to get them to add an "Also Acceptable" in the pronunciation.


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