12 December 2013

Missing The Concept

The 3D printed Liberator is overcomplicated and doesn't adhere to the Liberator concept.

The original gun was made as cheap as humanly possible and if it survived to fire all eight rounds included in the box, it was a miracle.

The entire point of such a crappy gun was to sow them widely where there were no guns and the populace of the area would use that crappy gun to kill an occupying soldier/policeman and obtain a real gun.

The 3D Liberator is HUGE.  All it really has going for it is the novelty of being made from plastic and the way that plastic is formed.

If you have a source of ammo, and you need this, it doesn't take a lot of skill to make a single shot zip gun that will work once to get a better gun from an occupier.  Look up "bang stick" for a professionally machined version of what I'm talking about.

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