04 December 2013

Greenie Gunny

I've given up on "Failure To Fire".

It was a cute webcomic, but the author derives support from our clicks and I can't support this idiot any more.

I weathered his "I voted for Obama" justifications twice.

What I can't take is the hypocrisy over lead.

Shutting down the last lead smelter was GOOD because it's poisoning the planet.
The fact that this will affect the supply and demand for lead is BAD because _I_ use lead in my ammunition!

You fucking moron.

First, if you really believe a primary smelter is poisoning the planet, stop using lead.  All lead, everywhere.

Second, when you pursue a course of action that leads to the shut-down of a manufacturer of a commodity or product you use, you don't get to complain that it will make these things more expensive.  You wanted this to happen.

Why, yes, shutting down the last primary smelter in the US is unlikely to have a large effect on the supply of lead because we recycle nearly all of it.  Yet shutting it down will have an effect on prices because that shut down will change demand for lead, a change you're advocating with your "buy all you can NOW" advice.  Now you've recommended TWO THINGS that will make the price of ammunition go up.

Stupid should be painful and idiots should starve.  Clicking on your comic was feeding you.


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  1. Thanks for letting me know. I don't read the comments over there


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