24 December 2013

Help I'm Burning!

Tam called me a hipster.


Really, OUCH.

I am not sure what the proper response is to prove that I am actually human.

Cutting myself seems like it would be confirmation of her accusation.


  1. Quickly! Buy something popular un-ironically, and contribute in a meaningful way to society! Drink an alcoholic beverage of quality, and possibly enjoy some music that many other people have heard and enjoyed.

  2. ^All sound advice!^

    However the "cutting myself" line was laugh-out-loud funny. :) Well played, sir.

  3. Being an old coot, I am out of touch with what is popular. Does 9mm count? Is it still popular? I went shooting my Hi Power and really had fun and chatted with a couple of new shooters at the range. The conversation opened with my commenting to Marv, "That's first timer grin if I ever saw one!"

    Johnny Walker Blue, straight. Supplied by The Lovely Harvey's former co-worker. "Good scotch should be shared with friends," she says. I agree.

    Ran a loop of Blondie and Cheap Trick, which are both bands that you've probably heard of and had a modicum of popularity while I was in grade school.

    I definitely feel better!

  4. Blondie is pretty good anti-hipster music but be careful, it could become retro "hip" at any second.


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