09 December 2013

Can't Leave Well Enough Alone

Because an 18-1/2 lb. recoil spring is recommended for the Hi Power should you shoot "self defense" ammo, I decided to grab one from Midway.

Then comes the mad search to save the $4 special handling charge.

Bearing in mind that the charge's threshold is $40.  The spring is $7.  Yes, the search is finding a way to spend $33 to save $4.

Well, the flat mainspring housing on the .38 Super 1911 has been kinda bothersome to me in a couple of ways.

First, am just plain accustomed to the arched housing because every 1911 I'd ever fired before I bought this one has had an arched housing.

Second, this recent run of Gov't Models from Colt are the first .38 Super 1911's to have a flat housing.  That makes it a FARB!  I am hesitant to change the long trigger out for a short one, but I may yet.


The arched mainspring housing I selected was a composite plastic polymer one from Colt, and only $8 something on clearance.  Still had to pay the $4.

Edit 2:

And I forgot, AGAIN, to order a safety plunger spring for the Springfield!

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