19 December 2013


Perhaps the best evidence that both the AWB and NFA are chickenshit massive wastes of time and effort is the recent turn-in of an StG.44 at a California gun "buy-back" (itself a chickenshit term).

That gun spent the past 68 years doing nothing but collecting dust and rust despite being a genuine selective fire assault rifle.

Notice that neither California's assault weapon ban or the federal National Firearms Act kept someone from possessing that gun surreptitiously?  At least I assume surreptitiously, because:

"Possession of automatic weapons or short-barreled shotguns or rifles prohibited without DOJ "Dangerous Weapons Permit"; permission rarely granted outside of film industry. Suppressors (aka silencers) prohibited. Destructive devices are prohibited unless are designated as curios & relics, in which case a collectors permit can be obtained. The only AOW's that are permitted are smoothbore pistols and firearms with a combination of a smoothbore and rifle barrel."
With all those violations, it was not a $30,000 rifle, it was contraband.  But like all banned things that one can easily carry, it's also very easy to hide.

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