10 December 2013

Trigger Why

Why does the trigger pull get so much lighter on a Hi Power when you remove the magazine disconnect?

Because the plunger is attached to the back of the trigger and it moves up and down as the trigger pivots.  The head of the plunger is pressed against the front face of the magazine and slides in contact.

That's a fair amount of surface area to add friction to the effort.

If you look at the typical used Hi Power magazine, you'll see a shiny spot near the mouth where the disconnect has been moving against the finish.

I am still uncertain about whether I will leave the thing in or take it out.

This will likely not end up being my carry gun, so the value of the feature is of no consequence.  I got the Hi Power because I wanted a Hi Power and a magazine disconnect is part of the package, so leaving it in makes "collectable" sense.


  1. Also my big complaint about the disconnect on the 1903 .25 is that you need to pull the trigger in taking the gun down, meaning you need to clear the gun, THEN put a magazine into a clear gun before pulling the trigger...that's a bit of a safety no-no in my book.

    But you don't need to do that when tearing down the Hi-Power.

    Depends on how much better the trigger feels. If I have a collectible gun, but after-market grips feel better in my hand, why not just put the good grips away and shoot the more comfortable ones. If you need to go all vintage showpeice then just put the old grips back on ect.

    1. With everything *CLEAN* there's not much difference in trigger feel between retaining the disconnect and removing it. A little heavier, but both configurations have the same take-up, creep and break.

      The disconnect on the 1905/6 FN and 1908 Colt .25's are a lot more difficult to remove. But once _A_ part is removed they behave like there's a magazine.

      The Colt has a slider pushed by the recoil spring that moves back and deflects the trigger bar under the sear.

      The FN has a lever that blocks the grip safety from being depressed, thus preventing the gun from firing.


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