11 December 2013

The Things I Do

Weer'd mentions the magazine disconnect on the FN .25...

So I completely tear down both my FN and Colt Vest Pockets.

On the Colt I am glad because it was very ugly inside there.

It's fascinating stuff, really.

These guns left John Moses Browning's drawing board as the same gun.

FN and Colt each bought the design and made changes to suit their peculiar ways of making guns.  They're very similar, and very different at the same time.

What I found...

On the Colt there's a sliding bar that forces the trigger bar under the sear lever so that it can't push on it. With it partially reassembled without the disconnect, there's no difference at all in the trigger pull and feel.  The disconnect is pushed forward against the recoil spring by the magazine.

The FN uses a rotating lever on the back of the magazine which blocks the grip safety from being disengaged.  Again, removing the lever has no effect on pull or feel.

The FN has a take-down notch that uses the safety to lock the slide slightly to the rear so you can rotate the barrel to field strip it.  The Colt's slide lock notch is just so you can see if it's loaded or not and you have to carefully hold the slide back against the spring to line up the grooves for disassembly.

Yet they can exchange magazines.


  1. I've got a coupla the Colts, need an FN. I also have a little Czech DUO, which is patent-infringement close.

    The Colts are interesting: Both look nickeled, but were actually blued guns carried in pocket or purse until they were in the white with every edge worn smooth as a bar of soap. You'll find a lot of .25s (and some .32s) like that.

  2. My .25 collection is sorely missing a DUO and a Baby.

  3. My absolute favorite thus far is the Mauser 1910. I wish my example was nicer, but it will do for the nonce.


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