13 December 2013

How'd That Happen

I am a fairly big fan of SKA and punk.

How is it I don't have any SKA/Punk for mainstream audiences like Blondie?

As an aside, SLC Punk is a near documentary of my non-gaming life in Ames, Iowa.

Can you spot me in the cast?


  1. Probably my favorite movie (yet still have trouble watching the scenes with Mark who just makes me uncomfortable) but I haven't been following your blog long enough to know which cast member your talking about. You may make fun of this but Reel Big Fish is one of the best ska bands of all time as far as I am concerned. Most ska has too much screaming. You have heard they are doing a sequel right?

  2. I was not Mark.

    I'll check RBF out.

    I only read about the sequel two days ago. I am very interested in where they take it.

  3. Make sure you listen to Turn the Radio Off first.

  4. I am similar to bob in only one way I have had people tell me that "chemistry is the wrong f***ing major for a guy like you."


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