03 December 2013


"The thing the Vilani ambassadors missed over and over again while standing in polite disdain at how recent our antiquities were was the obvious fact that we'd gone from the stone age to parity with them while they'd not advanced a whit."

"The sheer speed of our technological advancement was lost on them.  They never seemed to comprehend what that meant compared to them.  It took them 776 years to go from chemical rockets to Jump-1 and another 3,805 to get to jump-2.  We went from Sputnik to our first Jump in 128 years and were using jump-2 drives a mere 37 years later.  They were utterly befuddled by the jump-3 equipped ships just more than 100 years after that; something they never developed on their own."

-- Captain Christopher Harrington "Memories of the Nth Interstellar War"


  1. Them being called the "Vilani" always makes me picture them twirling their moustaches while tying beautiful girls to railroad tracks.

  2. Dun dun dun dun dun duhduhduh dah!


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