31 December 2013

Just 1,600 ly Rimward

Dahveeie dimmed the lights on the bridge down to nothing and covered the tell-tale and master indicator panels with her tablet.

Space is dark!

I started to ask what she was doing, and wondering if this was some Terrani prelude to romance when she shushed me and whispered, "let your eyes adjust."

So I waited in the dark listening to the rasp of the air circulation system and the hum of the electronics.

Slowly I started to realize that there was actually a lot of light coming in through the clear canopy of the flying bridge.  A moment later, I began to see colors and shapes.

"The Orion Molecular Cloud," she said, "you just can't see much of it naked eye from down well with the muck over you."

I sat in silent awe at what I could see.

"Spacers!" Dahveeie quietly said under her breath, "Systemers is more like it.  Can't wait to get to the next well and swim in the muck.  Never look OUT and see SPACE!"

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