08 December 2013

Dear Sirs

At A&E, History and Lifetime Networks...

Please remake the Bonnie and Clyde miniseries and this time get the guns right.

Also, feel free to make it not boring.

PS: The show to commercial ratio is about 9 minutes show to 3 minutes commercial.  Hard to develop a narrative with three vignettes in each 9 minutes before cutting to commercial.  Y'all are supposed to be professionals...


  1. True Fact: The Remington Model 11 and the 4" S&W Military & Police in the History/Discovery/A&E production Crime Wave are mine. Jupiter Productions came to us while I was working at CCA and we helped them with guns. We hooked them up with the BAR, too, and the gun wrangler who babysat it was the original Gecko45 from the GlockTalk troll post back in the day. :)

  2. What I was screaming at was their using Polish BAR's in the big death scene. I know there's rental places who have Colt Monitors, Michael Mann put several in Heat: Raging 20's. Er... Public Enemies.


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