04 December 2013

Undetectable Firearms

I will just come out and say it.

The sort of person you want to prevent from having an undetectable firearm is the same sort of person that will make one regardless of the law.

The sort of person who will make sure their gun meets the standards of this law is the sort of person you could trust with one on an airplane.


  1. That makes far too much sense, and is therefore barred from possible government consideration.

  2. And I'll just say there's no such thing as an undetectable firearm. They all require metal in them in some place, the plastic Lulz Liberator included, and if someone figures out how to make a nonmetallic firing pin, the plastic itself shows up on x-rays.

    Any plastic body big enough to contain the pressures required is going to show up on x-rays, just as the much less dense tissue in your body shows around the bones in x-rays.

    Not only that, any gun is going to use a metallic cartridge which will show up in x-rays.

    There is no such thing as an undetectable firearms, only idiots in the TSA that can't read their machines.


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