26 December 2021

Years Of Glock

My first Glock was a Glock 17 Gen1 that I was able to buy under special dispensation in the Army because we had 9mm ammo but no M9's; the M1911A1's and their ammo were already turned in.  We got the dispensation because we were going on the Czech-German border so another unit could go to gunnery.

That was 1990.

I was not allowed to keep it because I was under 21 when I rotated back to CONUS.

My next Glock was, likewise, a Gen 1 model 17.  I owned it from October 1990 to April 1992.  I traded it in for partial value against the Glock 21 2nd Gen I still own.

The Glock 21 is my third Glock.

My fourth Glock was a Model 17 Gen 2 that I bought from Skeezer someone in June 1995 and gave to Aunt the Bat in November of the same year.  She still owns it.


My fifth Glock is a Model 17 Gen 2 I got in July 2014 and still own.

My sixth Glock is a Model 45 Gen 5 blue label I got in November 2019, and still have.

Had I known what a rare gun the 1st gens were, I might have passed on the Glock 21.

I really wanted one of the Gen 1 reissue P80's, but didn't hear about them until the prices were cranked through the stratosphere.  OG Gen 1 are even more expensive.  The gen 2 suffices to represent the gun I carried on the Czech border.


  1. I'm pretty sure you didn't buy that G17 from me. I've only owned one and I still have it. I'm pretty sure you got that one directly from Jacobsen's as I got mine.

    1. That's what I wrote down. I don't remember buying a second Glock 17 from Paul. Maybe it started as FuzzyGeff's? There was a lot of horse trading going on around that time between me and my friends.


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