26 December 2021

I'm Delighted

Former officer convicted of manslaughter.

Why am I delighted?  Have I gone woke?  Am I now a staunch advocate of Black Lives Matter?


I am delighted because I've long held that the police should be held to a higher standard than the common citizen when they shoot someone.

This is a jury agreeing with me.

The cops getting a pass on things that would land us in prison should stop.  We have to demand it, otherwise it'll get worse.

We've got to shake two things.

First the idea that the most important thing is that the cop comes home at the end of the day.

Second that it is OK that an injustice occurred as long as it was in accordance with departmental standards and training.  That's just institutionalizing and codifying the injustice.

We should be aiming for a "more power = more responsibility" model.

1 comment:

  1. It would be nice if equal enforcement under the law works for everyone, from cops to simple citizens to elite democratic socialists to actors and illegal aliens and others. Equal. That's all I want.

    And even better, make the people who make crap laws and the prosecutors who drop charges or add charges at the drop of a hat legally liable for their screwups.


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