11 December 2021

Ghost Guns

I don't object to DIY guns.

I've done one or two myself:

I know my motives for Andrea and Tonya.

Where else was I going to get a clone of my issue M16A2 down to the serial number or a GOOD clone of a Polish Tantal?

Lavender Linda was just for fun and to see if a resin lower was viable.  It is, sort of.

What I am marveling at is someone I know making a LOT of Polymer 80 pistols and 80% AR lowers and I don't get it.

Is it for the fun of making them?

Is it a thumb in the eye of the powers that be?

For me, it's not saving money because, being a veteran, I can get a Blue Label Glock for about the same price as making a P80 kit, but I get three magazines too.

I am curious, though.



  1. Naturally, I can speak for nobody but myself. I haven't made any of the polymer 80% Lowers that are out there. I almost bought a polymer 80% LR-308 a few weeks ago but missed the sale price and didn't quite talk myself into it at that price so not very likely at the much higher price. That means I've made only one 80% lower gun, which was an aluminum lower. I have more metal lowers, but haven't plunged an end mill into one yet. Part of that is a shortage of room in the gun safe.

    I followed your resin pour for Lavender Linda and I found that really interesting.

    I did mine for the fun of it and the ability to say "I made that."

  2. I think I might know who you are talking about. For me it's mostly the fun of making them. The thumb in the eye is just another bit of fun. And there is probably a time limit on being able to do so, since I expect any day now that BATFE will implement their new proposed 80% ban or maybe something even worse. Not being a veteran, I can't get those Blue Label deals. There is also the ability, as you note, to make something that I couldn't otherwise buy.

  3. I do 80% partly for the technical challenge of making my own and partly on general principle. If a political group wants to prohibit it I want to do it. That's the reason I have a 25 round magazine for my 10/22. I know the 10 round ones run better but a 25 upsets Shannon Watts.

    1. Yeah, because 10/22s are so lethal and tacticool and so many spree shooters love them... Uh, wait...

      Gun control laws are sometimes just plain crazy... Like in New Jersey a Marlin Model 60 is an illegal "assault weapon" because its TUBE MAGAZINE holds more than 15 rounds. And it's a .22...


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