12 December 2021

It's A Race Gun!

That Laugo Alien that Ian was talking about is an $8,000 (on Gunbroker) racegun.

He says he's going to subject it to the kind of treatment that nobody who's paid $8,000 for a race gun would subject their gun to.

Since it's good to be Gun Jesus and they gave him the damn thing... He might just do it!

I am most certainly not at the skill level required to wring out the extra performance that spending an extra $7,550 for a 9mm gives.

It's in the same rarefied atmosphere that the Manurhin MR73 resides.  Though the Manurhin is a lot cheaper, proportionately, than the Laugo.  It's just three times as expensive as a "similar" Smith and Wesson and just a bit more than new Pythons are running.

Besides, if I had $8,000 that was going to be blown on a gun, I'm far more likely to get an FG.42 clone or one of those bespoke .45 Lugers (also available in 10mm!)...

Hmmmm, since they're bespoke, I wonder if the guy could be convinced to make one in .38 Super.


  1. wow, some people have too much money. if I had 8 grand to blow on a gun, I get a fg-42 clone too . now that is a neat gun worth 8 grand ! and here I thought was a bit nuts to spend 2 grand on a rifle 5 years ago. took me a while to save up for the scope for it too. not the best one I wanted, but one that didn't break the bank either.

  2. I ran into Ian twice at a gun show last week - It was so unexpected it took me a moment to recognize him . I recognized the voice first...


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