16 December 2021

Shocked I Tell You

I bid $500 on a brand new Colt Python 2020.

I was high bidder for several hours!

Which is hours longer than I expected to be.

I expected that one of the other bidders to have already have staked out a higher position and were just waiting for someone like me to jack up the price.

In fact, my initial winning bid was more like $250, it took them hours to bid past my max of $500.

I knew that $250 wouldn't win.  I knew that $500 wouldn't carry the day.

But I've seen people forget to come back to their watch list and outbid my low-ball before.

No-stakes gambling in a way.


  1. I picked up a Beretta Tomcat (32ACP) the same way. Minimum bid near the close...and poof!

  2. Sounds like a good way to get an item cheap. Smart - if you get outbid, at least you played the game.



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