17 December 2021

Same Scale

All three of these tanks are in the same scale: 1/285.

The Ogre Mk.VI is from Steve Jackson Games Ogre.

The Spartius grav APC is from FASA's Renegade Legion.

The M1A1 is a Micro-Armor item.

The grid is 1/2".


  1. Okay, my question is; just where is the infantry phone, the most useful part of an AFV, on that Ogre MFer.

    1. Willie: Go use the field phone on that Mk VI and call division.
      Joe: I'm not gettin' close to that thing, YOU get close to that thing!
      Willie: I'm sure the IFF is fixed, stop being a wuss!
      Joe: You're the wuss!

    2. The aforementioned phone is behind the right front track.

    3. Just under the two AP blisters...

  2. Renegade Legion! Yet another game I bought because it looked cool and then never played. :V (Only the base tank game, though - didn't care too much about air combat.)


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