11 December 2021

Would It Be Better If They Was Pushed Outta Windows?

Mr Fleetwood opines, "Would they be deader if I'd used 9mm?"

The battle of the BTR-152 was conducted with 230gr .45 ACP ball ammo.

It's illustrative that shot placement matters and he actually struck below the rim of the helmet and into the base of the skull where the spine enters.

Even a fucking .22 LR will get the job done if you put your shot there.

.45 is certainly more than .22; so therefore adequate.  That establishes a range of hole size and 9mm is firmly in the middle here.

They would, in fact, not be any more pregnant dead if hit with any other round.

The start of this discussion was from Ian laying snail tracks for the Laugo Alien.

Does that $8,000 9mm lob the bullet better than a $600 Hi-Power?  Or a Glock?  Or an M&P 9?  Or a S&W 59?

Or does it propel a 9x19mm round in pretty much exactly the same way, at the same velocity, with an accuracy that's more related to the skill of the shooter than the inherent accuracy of the design?

It's the same conundrum I am dealing with carrying the Model 59.

It doesn't lob a round farther or harder than a Glock 45.  Or Glock 17.  Or M&P 9.  Or Sigma.  Or High Power.  Or Beretta M9.  Or Beretta M1951.  Or S&W 39...


It boils down to if you shoot it well and are comfortable carrying it.

You won't learn that reading about 2,000 round endurance tests.

You might not learn it attending at multi-kilobuck class.

You might learn to tolerate a gun that doesn't fit you, but after such a training seminar, you're going to feel like you HAVE to keep using it, whether you like your pistol or not.

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  1. Throughout history, military guns were usually more designed to survive ham-fisted idiots who could, given half a chance, burn water and break dirt. So guns were designed to survive rather harsh environments, well, guns designed for the masses. If a gun is good enough to survive being issued in WWI, rebuilt and reissued off and on till the 70's and 80's, then does it really matter if it's not new and wonderful?

    Yes, having a nicely fitting gun matters. But working matters more. Right?


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