31 December 2021

Transhuman Space

I remember FuzzyGeff being pissed when he woke up.

But he was around to be awake.

Marv too.  Harvey and The Boy...

I'd won the lottery and "stupidly" invested it in things I'd read about in gaming.

Turns out that shit came to fruition.

Great news for all of us!

Ghosts and bioroids for everyone!

Especially me.

Every mother loving thing that you can eat out here is based on mushrooms.

I was allergic to mushrooms.

Ghosts in the robotic shell aren't.

It's fun being a robot.  No need to suit up before going outside.  But I miss food.  A charging station just doesn't salve the soul like food.

But being able to enjoy food means mortality.

I don't think I want mortality back.

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