30 December 2021

What Gun I Don't See A Gun

Marv has dipped his toes into no-a-Glock making.

The moment it ceases to be a piece of plastic and becomes, legally, a firearm:

It's pretty simple.

Drill a couple of holes with the provided bits.

Remove some material that blocks the installation of other parts:

Then it goes together just like a normal Glock 26.

It would have helped a lot if we were more familiar with how a Glock 26 goes together...  There was a major but easily correctable misstep with the trigger bar.  I had it outside of a part it should have been inside...  A quick comparison with my Glock 17 showed us the light and Marv pressed on.

A wider, shorter, heavier, cheaper Sheild Plus.

 The plus 2 magazine gets you a wider, shorter, heavier, cheaper Shield Plus that's missing a round.

But Glock 26 magazines are much cheaper and more available than Shield Plus magazines; and you can use Glock 17 and 19 magazines as well.

So far everything appears to work as it should except the slide stop.

If you have the trigger pulled to the rear and you lock the slide back, the stop will not disengage when you slingshot the slide.  Typical Glock, you cannot just press that stop down with your thumb either.  To get it to disengage you have to press down and slingshot the slide.

We're thinking the holes for the trigger pin are slightly misaligned and the trigger is binding the slide stop.  I'm thinking, because that pin is MUCH tighter than any of my real Glocks that we can hog it out a bit and see if that helps any.


  1. That whole process and end result look kinda familiar.

    Can you stop at just one?

    1. If we can't get it to function, it will be easy to stop at one.


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