18 December 2021

With Fingers Crossed

I've ordered a Moog 512153 to correct the clicking from the right rear.

I put her butt in the air, put her in gear and let her idle in 5th while listening intently.  The traction control and anti-lock systems REALLY like this.

The click is definitely coming from outboard, which gives a great deal of relief that it's not the $1,700 differential.

With the wheel off, my head in the wheel-well and ear right up against the (spinning) brake rotor; I can tell it's not coming from the outer CV joint.

With the engine shut down I confirmed that the axle doesn't move in any manner that it should not, meaning the CV joints are fine.  (I hope).

Should this be a misdiagnosis, the correct axles are once again available from GM (Rock Auto has the best price).  The Z51 package, in 2008, uses the same axles as the Z06 and for a while you couldn't lay hands on a new one for love or money.  That was also four part numbers ago, so something must have been wrong.

It's yet another thing about the Z51 package that's irritating.  The parts stores don't seem to be aware that it uses different parts from the base model.  So many things have turned out to be shared with the higher-powered Z06, but I have to know that and trick the ordering system to see them.

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