26 December 2021

Did It Work?

I know several people who got the jab who've since caught Teh Wu Ping Cough.

I don't know anyone who's avoided getting "vaccinated" whom have caught it since mid 2020.

Almost as if catching it and recovering actually immunized you and the vaccine just alleviated symptoms rather than keeping them from contracting or spreading the disease.


  1. Yup. Totally unvaxxed and not got the Wu Ping Cough.

    And to top it off, had a something that made my head stuffy, clogged up my lungs and killed my sense of taste. Like every head cold or low-level flu or bug that I've ever had.

  2. i've been around at least 20 people that did have it...all went home sick that day or had signs the next day...have no clue if i was just lucky and didn't/can't get it or if i've had it and never showed symptoms...early on it was said those with o type blood were at very low risk %...i have o-...i've never heard that talked about since the beginning so clue if that is true or not...according to everything i've read, it doesn't matter if you are vaxxed or had it, chances are you won't escape the newest variant...which seems to be the weakest version so far...panzer guy

    1. The Boy and I had something in mid-2020 that took out my sense of smell and had us just feeling run down and tired. We spiked fevers for two days, slept a lot, and got better. A week total for the smell loss. If Harvey got it, she was without symptoms.

      He got jabbed at school afterwards, Harvey and I are still in the control group.

      Delta and Omicron have swept our "vaccinated" friends who've kept up with the boosters. Nothing more here that's shown symptoms.

      And since we're not showing symptoms, why get tested?

  3. Wife and I both had the WuFlu back in Jan. Mine was 2 days and not terrible, hers was 2 weeks and rough but no hospital. We both got it again early last week, are mostly recovered now thanks to ivermectin and the FLCCC protocol. One vaxed, one not. Didn’t make a difference. This latest version is sweeping through north Tx right now. Like a bad flu. Sucks lemons, but at least it didn’t have the chest tightness of the first go-round. Fever, cough, sore throat, head congestion, headache, and serious fatigue. I don’t think the vax makes a bit of difference. You’re gonna get sick, or not.


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