25 December 2021

Still The Best Mod


I've been rocking the Twisted Shifter round shift knob for about two years now.

My car is pretty lightly modded, but this has, by far, been the best thing I've done to it.

It just makes shifting better and anyone who disagrees simply doesn't know what they're doing in a 3-pedal car.

The factory shifter was clearly form over function and forced you to change your grip depending on which gear you were in and whether you were going up or down.


  1. Why do you have six gears Angus, ya only need three to successfully go forward with some speed and efficiency...

    1. Because MOAR shifting is better if you're rowing your own!

      Amusingly in normal driving I often shift 1-3-5, thus only using three...

    2. 1-4-6 is another common shift pattern...

      5 and 6 are for steady state cruising depending on speed.

      About the only time I use all four of the lower gears is when I want to keep it in the power band and not just loafing along. And a 3,200 lb car with 428 ft-lb can REALLY loaf.


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