21 December 2021

What If The Other Side Agrees With You?

“There needs to be unrest in the streets for as long as there’s unrest in our lives, and unfortunately, there’s plenty to go around,” Pressley (D., Mass. 7th) said on MSNBC’s AM Joy with Tiffany Cross."

Most people are getting damned tired of this unrest in the streets and there being no consequences to the people doing the unrest.

People are tired of being stolen from and burned out of business.

They're tired of the cops doing nothing, or if they do arrest the perpetrators, the prosecutor dropping the charges.

Western Civ has solutions built into it.  Solutions that are still, essentially, part of our legal traditions going all the way back to Blackstone and English common law.

Even further back is the right of vendetta.

We abdicated that right in exchange for a fair and impartial justice system operated by the government we were supposed to be in control of as sovereign citizens.

That government is refusing to bow to its rightful masters and is no longer fair or impartial.

Guess what happens when the preference cascade gathers enough momentum?

I'm also guessing it won't happen in too many places.

Tim Pool has noted that many of the miscreants are traveling from city to city and are, in essence, professional rioters.

By the way, if anyone thinks that the citizens taking the reigns of justice back will result in arrests and jail time.  There's a bridge in Brooklyn priced to move.

Oh, and vendetta seldom results in much justice.  That's kind of why everyone agreed to that fair and impartial government controlled thing...

Vendetta often results in amazingly quiet and safe places... and organizations like The Mafia who started as professional peace keeping and protection groups.  Look it up!  It's a neat bit of history.

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  1. Yep. Vendetta and Vigilante operations are always messy but things are getting messy so there isn't much to loose. [Says the old man with less strength and endurance.] Firearms regulations were sort of tolerable as long as they allowed a culling of the street creatures. Now that species is virtually immune so there is no up-side to regulations and everything is my fault. The Vigilante system was for when the law could not or would not enforce the peace. The Committee of Vigilance was dangerous and unpredictable but that is starting to look like a preferrentiasl choice.

    I suspect that the chaos in the cities is intentional. The Corruptocrats have given up on their sacred "ghetto people". The violence will drive away the "normies" and provide and excuse for Federally subsidized colonization of the doomed cities by all the Illegal Aliens that they have been recruiting. It worked in Compton, California, but guess what is coming to your neighborhood...... The Democratic "Pols" are encuring grift and profit in their home field by dumping the refuse into your neighborhood. Compton was ~100% Black with ~100 murders per year. After the "colonization", Compton is now ~70% Hispanic with next to no "violent" crime. The Blank gang-bangers were driven into the surrounding ghettos of South Los Angeles. Who cares? Most American cities, however, are surrounded by functional suburbs. They are going to care a lot when the ghetto refugees arrive. Who do you think all the "affordable", multifamily (ghetto-ready) housing is for?


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