25 December 2021

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Normally Christmas eve is ordering Chinese.  My mom started this one by going out to The Mandarin in Ames.  Virtually everyone she knew was invited and we'd often take up half the restaurant.

I kept this one alive by ordering Chinese take-out since I moved down to Florida.

Something I started was the Christmas Day lasagna.

I make a mean lasagna, if I do say so myself.  Plus it's simple and goes a long way.

Since Harvey's parents have moved down in 2019 we've had turkey for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Harvey is a ham at thanksgiving kind of person.

This year she put her foot down and we had Chinese and lasagna.  Her parents boycotted because they don't like how spicy my lasagna is and neither are big "ethnic" food eaters.  Pfft, Iowans.

Besides, if Marv can happily have seconds of something it's just flavorful, not spicy.

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  1. Lasagna is good, very good. Learned how to make it from my Italian fairy Godmother (or step-Godmother.) It involves about twice the cheeses of any 'normal' recipe. Not too spicy but nice and garlicy and tomatoey and meaty and heart-attack-inducing cheesy.

    Didn't do one for my birthday this year. Will do one someday in the winter.


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