07 December 2021

Forgot The Screenshot

Did you know that every revolver manufactured in or imported to the USA has a transfer bar or hammer block safety since 1915?

I read it on the internet.  It must be true.

Assuming they mean new made guns made just for import and not milsurps that come later...



I can't find the Facebook post I commented on now either.

I want to say it was The Truth About Guns... But I can't find the post in question.  That means that even if it was TTAG's Facebook, I can't tell you if it was them or a commenter.

But it's patently untrue.

While most makers were changing over to such devices during the early 20th century, lots of legacy designs kept on with production for years without them.

1 comment:

  1. Aren't there still replicas that are made here or imported that don't have a transfer bar or hammer block safety even today? Some of those probably don't count in the eyes of that FB poster since they are black powder I suppose.


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