17 December 2021

Upset I Am

Doing research on Homo Neanderensis has, of course, led to reading current research.

Gods damn it!

I'm going to have to make my mooks people.

It would have been so much simpler if they were just mindless mooks.

They're not really that different from us.


They use about 10% more energy than we do just moving around.  They're stronger, we're more efficient.

That's probably why we're still here and they're gone.  We go farther on the same resources and if those resources get even a little scarce we can survive while they starve.

Their thumbs don't work like ours.  Ours are more versatile.

They probably weren't dumber than us.

There's a bit of them left in some of us.  We did the nasty in the pasty with them.

They were commonly red headed!  Getting that genome sequenced is giving interesting things.

It appears that they don't have a B blood type.  We both have an O type from a common ancestor.

I think I will find a stone-age people who aren't American-Indian to steal a culture from and file off the serial numbers.

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