17 December 2021

Is This Some White Cunt's Joke That Black Cunts Don't Get?

Source of the title before you get your panties all full of sand.

I keep reading that alumni donations are down.


I am fucking baffled that alumni donations exist in the first place.

Didn't those bloodless cunts get paid to educate me already?

Wasn't that called tuition?

I don't recall them doing fuck-all to get my ass employed.

I noticed that where and when I matriculated from mattered less and less against the experience I gained on the job as my wages got larger.

So why, the fuck, would I waste some of that hard earned filthy lucre on them?

Can someone explain it?  So far it's defied explanation to me.


  1. It's the penultimate example of what's wrong in our world today... Suggestive ideas from an authority figure.

    You will be donating to the alumni fund, won't you? All of your peers do/did, see we publish their names to heap accolades on those that give.

    ... I never gave a rat's ass either, but I'm not most people.

    And thus you see the Modus Operandi of what's happening.

    You have to get the shot, it's for the good of... Now they're claiming its your patriotic duty (after spending the last how many years dividing us?)!
    The push, the pull, it's not accidental. Study psychology, this is all part and parcel to the manipulation. The same technique is applied through.
    DOCTOR ASSMUNCH McFUCKSTAIN has declared... Authority figure.
    SHITBAG FARTWEASEL, the DIRECTOR OF SOME ALPHABET SOUP AGENCY has announced... Authority figure.
    Fat man in a police uniform... Authority figure.

    You comply without even knowing why. Question their decisions (despite the evidence pointing out how utterly backwards and retarded they are)? Ostracized you heretic!!!

    The power of suggestion. Psych 101.

  2. A lot of people are sentimental about their college years. Me, I never was, much, although I do have happy memories of St. Olaf. Their failure to provide me with information I needed desperately when I was due to graduate ensured that they'll never see a penny from me.

  3. You are not along in this question. My undergrad and grad degree schools have been sending solicitations for alumni donations literally since the day I departed each institution.

    Since I work/study paid my way through both, it was never high on my list to give them yet more money.

    My one mistake (not in the action but in the fallout) was to donate to the school in name of two classmates who married and then died in a horrific car accident a few years from graduating. We helped fund a scholarship in their memory at the school. That triggered even greater waves of solicitation by said school.

    It is quite irritating to see some of the Ivy League schools with billions (not a typo) in endowment funds who won't use the income from same to defray the cost of tuition for ALL their students. They would still be increasing the endowment after doing this, but not a penny is used for this purpose.

    Never could afford Ivy, but did hustle my way through the (at the time) 10th best engineering school in the country. All water under the bridge now. To paraphrase Mel Brooks "it is good to be King.." or in this case - retired.


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