27 December 2021

Fall Back And Punt

I made the mistake of looking for videos showing how to take the front hubs off Moxie.

Almost all of them include some drama getting the hub off the steering knuckle.

Steel hub, aluminum knuckle, winters in Iowa with road-salt?

Can you say galvanic reaction?

The drama was so severe I've managed to talk myself into a decent level of anxiety over the repair.

Worst case, I have to replace the knuckle and strut.  That's another $200 I didn't wanna spend.

Especially if I have to do it to both sides.

Plus an alignment.


So I've crawled up in the wheel well and sprayed PB Blaster from the back where the hub pokes through the knuckle.

I think I will let it soak a day.


  1. Y'alls in FL, unless you are within 5 miles of the sea, salt won't be the issue. PB will do the job and if that fails, use a torch on the steel part to get it nice and toasty then use the puller or whatever correct tool is needed. DO NOT use a standard pickle fork on aluminum unless as a final resort with potential for expensiveness.

  2. That's the thing I like about Central Oregon, no road salt and low humidity means the orange stuff all over my truck's frame is volcanic rock dust.

  3. Been there. Rent a heavy slide hammer with a flange that will bolt to the hub. Be sure you aren't do for rotator cuff surgery. Secondly if the hub kit comes with new mount bolts you can back them out some, maintaining good thread contact. Wail on them equally with a BFH.That may get things moving. Good luck.


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