07 December 2021

Perhaps The Ultimate Fucked Around And Found Out

80 years ago Japan launched a very effective surprise attack on the US Navy base at Pearl Harbor.

It culminated to being the first nation to experience a nuclear attack just under four years later.

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  1. Our leadership will destroy us.

    Japan's choice of war seems to have been a consequence of narrow minded military and political leaders who were intent on securing theirown power. Japan had, and has, an intelligent, industrious population. They were going to be a "powerhouse" in Asia. The leaders could only see the use of brutal force as a way to secure their own and, maybe, Japan's, power in the world. That approach worked in Korea, China and parts of SE Asia. Going against the U.S. was a "go for broke" move. If the first hard strike didn't disable or demoralize that "enemy" they were in big trouble. Japanese supply lines were via open ocean before the era of radar, sonar and long range aircraft. When the population was starving and their cities were burning, they chose to attack. Good tactics, crappy strategy. Even after Hiroshima, the leadership was ready to fight to the death of their population. Fortunately, The Emperor saw the writing on the wall. Fighting to a "glorious" death was not condusive to survival. Japanese physicists understood that the composition of the Nagasaki bomb meant only a death by fire not in "glorious" battle. The old "leadership" had nothing and were finally replaced.

    We similarly seem to have a leadership with no faith in the country or themselves. They have given up on a future inorder to grab what loot they can get. The GOPe went for whatever profits they could grab. The "managerial elite" had no faith in their ability to actually build something useful and profitable. We don't even have someone to surrender to. The same type of leadership that would have destroyed Japan are now in charge of the U.S. Before they are (inevitably) pushed aside, they hope to steal what they can. Staying to "fight" for success sounds too much like work. Their replacements know even less about how things work and know only the lust for power and theft. Bribery and grift are their only tools. Selling off the fruits of prior success is all they understand. That leads to a dead end of desolation.

    Japan is a good lesson for the U.S. about how simple, brutal techniques are not sufficient for victory. Their "leadership" was blind to the creativity and power that was actually available. Or too cowardly to encourage its growth. It seems to me that the U.S. is now in a similar condition.


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