16 December 2021

Hollywood Take Note

The fans accepted Hugh Jackman as Logan despite his being 6' 2" tall.

Logan is 5' 3".

Daniella Pineda is 5' 5" tall playing the 5' 6" Faye Valentine and was completely rejected by the fans.

She even posted a video claiming that the producers looked for a real woman who matched Faye's, "6 foot, double-D sized breasts, two inch waist."

Faye is not that tall, and those are C-cups.

Trust me, Ms Pineda, I really looked.

The difference in build between you is Faye is willowy and you're stocky.

Stocky isn't even unattractive.

I think Ms Pineda is pretty, so I am not rejecting her performance because of her looks.

I, and the fans, are rejecting her performance because of her performance not her appearance; though the costumer's explanation about the changes made to an iconic costume come across as "we didn't want her to be dressed sexy because male gaze bad" rather than "unless she held perfectly still she'd be flying out of that thing and we're aiming for PG at the most here," didn't help at all.

But the worst part is it's a FUCKING REMAKE.

Pretty much like Scarlet Johansen's Ghost in the Shell.

90% stuff we've seen before, and the changes are jarring and irritating rather than innovative and enhancing.

Honestly, if I wanted to see those scenes again, I can fire up the computer and simply watch the anime again.

Judging by the swift cancellation, most of us did.


  1. I got ~ half way through... Not bad, but... Yeah, it was a remake. Neat, but honestly nothing I'd go far out of my way for? I thought she was fairly good in the role, that wasn't the problem for me. It was not really different than the original, so it was almost all "oh, I've seen this before" for me...

  2. Very interesting. Just read The Critical Drinker's review of CB and it was harsh. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMepjjkL5zc

    As to women being athletic and dressing hot, you only have to look at Fiona in "Burn Notice" to see someone dressing sexy and still being able to kick ass and blow up stuff.

    And Faye's clothing? Easy to do with decent foundation garments to get the same effect as her minimal clothing, and still look friggin hot as heck.

    And there's even trope that covers 'chain mail bikini' clothing in Sci-Fi and Fantasy.

    Oh, well, Netflix.

    I'll go watch the original.


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