26 December 2021

If The World Made Sense

If the world made sense we wouldn't even be debating the issue of guns with pistol braces and if they should be registered as short barrel rifles.

We'd be noticing that there's a lot more pistol braced rifle derivatives than registered short barrel rifles and not even a hint that crime went up because of it.

We'd say that since a braced gun is effectively an SBR already and they're not causing any problems there's no reason to continue to restrict short barreled rifles anymore.

Not that there was a good reason to begin with, but that's another story.

But we'd have to admit that a braced "pistol" is actually an SBR and that most people who have them are exploiting a loophole.

I've seen lots of people using that brace as a stock, I've yet to see someone using it as "intended."


  1. Braced pistol can move across state lines freely, SBR requires a form 20 approval first.

    Braced pistol is bought and sold like a regular pistol, SBR requires a long wait and $200 for a form 4.

    Braced pistol is transported like a pistol, SBR is like a rifle. Aka CCW permit vs cased in a trunk in many states.

    Braced pistol can be used to hunt where an otherwise identical SBR can't because laws are dumb.

    Honestly, I'm not sure of any up-side other than appearance of going with an SBR over a brace.

    1. My Point<--------------------------------------------------------------------------->You

      The main point is we need to pick. Are these dangerous things that NEED controlled, or do they have no real effect on crime and can be freely hauled around without restriction?

      If half the fucking effort had gone into getting SBR off the NFA as has gone into educating people to write in the rule-making commentary we wouldn't need to worry about it.

      So. A "pistol" with a brace is, in actuality, an SBR that's legal because "pistol" and loophole created by SIG.

      I want SBR removed from NFA. Join me?

      Because if we get it done, then the braced "pistols" can't be made into tightly regulated SBR's at the whim of the ATF or president.

    2. How about just banning all weapons regulations and restoring the 2nd Amendment to its full power?

      And get rid of the BATFE while we're at it?

    3. I'm game. But we're not going to get it all at once.

      The problem I'm butting into with regards to pistol braces is the defensive posture built into too many gun owners. "We have this, we must fight to keep it!" rather than "Look, this loophole points out how pointless and useless the SBR portion of the law is."

      But we'd have to admit it for what it is: exploiting a loophole to have a rifle with a barrel shorter than 16".

      But we can't do that, can we?

      I am of the opinion we need to be on the offensive on these matters not defensive.

      The path back to our rights is going to be a reverse of how they were lost, one law at a time, baby step by baby step.

      That's why I tend to reject the rhetoric from Gun Owners of America. They are all or nothing and are rewarded with nothing every time.

    4. My point is it isn't just the NFA you're fighting. It is a whole bunch of additional BS built up around it that allow additional loopholes in a bunch of other laws too.

      It was the same kind of thing with the "Michigan Pistol" law after concealed carry was passed in the state. Yes the law is stupid and sucks, but the loopholes it made in other laws are nice to have.

      I would love to see SBRs as a restricted class of items go away, but I don't think braced pistols will go away as a result as they open a bunch of other legal loopholes in bad laws.

    5. The thing that I'm having trouble saying is, if there's places where you can hide in the loopholes, you don't bother fighting to end the restrictions.

      Those loopholes are soap bubbles.

      The antis have already noticed and are working to eliminate them.

      Will you join me in getting SBR off the NFA or will you keep telling me to get comfortable in my soap bubble?

    6. Oh, get rid of the SBR and any weapons length restrictions. The original 'there's no military use' was just a blatant lie as cut down rifles and shotguns were popular in tanks during WWI and in the trenches. So, yes, I agree and support kicking out restrictions on the lengths of guns and the whole stupid "can't make a pistol out of a rifle but can make a rifle out of a pistol (or is it the other way around?)"

      And I hate the incrimentalists who are actually just carving out special loophole exceptions for their special little wonderland. Like the fudd-hunters.

      Darnedit, I want full open free to carry whatever. Hopefully we'll get there one day.


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