08 December 2021

Still Packing 1975

The Model 59 continues to do exactly what a more modern gun would do.

Collect lint from my armpit in its Miami Classic II.

It should be pointed out that it's been 100% reliable at the range so far with the TL8 17-rounders.

My experience is underscoring the idea that if you have a pistol suitable for carry, there's no reason to throw it away for an improvement in the margins.

On the downside, the sights are kinda hard to see sometimes, some white dots would be of great help.

I think I will paint the front sight with my glow-in-dark paint to give some contrast.

Under normal light, it's now a white front sight.  With a quick flash from a flashlight, it's the green seen above.

I'm carrying more than one light which will do, are you?

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