23 December 2021

Jobs Half Done

Got the RR wheel hub off The Precious and started to put back together when I decided to take a break.

I need a 24mm box-end to get the lower ball joint back on and I borrowed that from JT last time.

So I figured I'd chill a bit before running to Northern Tool and fired up the laptop.

I was greeted by the grinding sound of a failed CPU fan.

Happily, I have spares of those.

Sadly, you have to completely take the computer apart to get access to the heat-pipe screws.

So I went to Northern Tools and grabbed lunch over the next two hours and five miles then begged JT to come help with getting the motherboard out.  He's far more adroit than I am with this sort of thing.

He came over and did what I asked and I only messed up one thing in my part of the reassembly of the computer.  Which meant taking it halfway back apart to get the speakers plugged in.  Grumble, my fault, can't even take out my righteous anger on someone else!

Now I still have to get The Precious back together, but that's within my bailiwick.

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