28 December 2021


Got the front left bearing hub done on Moxie!

Just about every part fought coming out.

Whomever had the wheels off last torqued them to need a 5' cheater pipe to get them broke loose.  Far more than the 140 ft-lb called for in the manual.

Then the little countersunk screw holding the rotor to the hub decided to just not turn and the torx bit made a nice smooth hole.

Drilled that out.  Discovered that I only had one sharp 1/2" drill bit on the property and about ten dull ones.

Then I had to beat the rotor off the hub.  I think that screw was superfluous.

Then comes the main event!

The hub itself.

Two of the bolts came right out, no heat needed.  The third would have too, but I didn't notice the ratchet reversing itself and I wasted a lot of time trying to loosen it by tightening it.  I didn't notice because I always get confused when I'm doing a bolt from behind.  These bolt heads face the inside of the car and the hub has the threads, they pass through the knuckle.  I'm embarrassed.  Once I started turning the bolt the right direction, all was good!

Of course, the hub doesn't respond to gentle persuasion.



PB Blaster.

More heat.

Bigger hammer.

More PB Blaster.

Air chisel.

More heat.

Even bigger hammer.

I whacked it a few times with the 8-lb sledge and got a bit of a gap.  But I was pupped at this point and Marv heroically developed the gap and got it broke loose.  Marv doth verily rock!

In the process of cleaning the bore in the knuckle, I see wires sticking out of the speed sensor.  That can't be good...  Not sure if I broke it cleaning the bore or if we knocked it loose hammering the hub off.

Put it back together anyway.

With everything on but the wheel I turned the key.  ABS, Traction Control, Stabilitrak all come on.

Durn it, need a sensor.

Put the wheel back on and while the bearing noise is gone, the battered brake dust shield is rubbing.

Take the wheel off, massage the dust shield.

Decide that I need to do the sensor today.

Send Our Hero Marv to the parts stores to find one.

AutoZone claimed to have it in stock on the web site, but didn't have the LEFT side one.

Call JT, a hero in his own right, who checks all the local parts stores web pages.  He finds that NAPA in Tampa has it.  I put the wheel back on to get Moxie out of The Precious' way so I can drive to get it.

Marv returns from Advance Auto Parts with the part.  Advance's web page claimed that it wasn't in stock, JT checked.

Speed sensor installed, all is now well!

It only took us 5 hours!

Old, broken sensor on top:


  1. That was easy anyway.
    I got an old ATT one ton 4x4 with bad brakes and a bad ball joint. After I got done getting the right side off- some dumbass forgot to mark the zerk hole with a soapstone so he'd know how to align it.

    I finally got it put back together and only had to do the brake on the left side.
    The wife said "you didn't look like you were having fun doing that, maybe you need to farm it out next time."

    I told her just -because I've always had to do it doesn't mean it was ever fun.

  2. Same truck (2000 K3500 single wheel) Brakes were activating the ABS whenever I got below 30MPH.
    Took it to the good mechanic and he couldn't find the problem.
    Took it to the Chebby dealer and they charged me some $400 for replacing a front brake sensor......... didn't help.
    The good mechanic told me to take it to the high Dollar GMC dealer. They found the problem in some kind of sensor in the trans that got magnetized.


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