14 December 2021

That Didn't Take Long

Less than two weeks and people got the message.

You can be damn sure that when money's tight people get really choosy about where they spend it.

You make them feel guilty about being themselves and they will certainly not spend it on you.

Congratulations, you dolts, you got your message out alright.

Should have made sure that the message you were sending was the message you wanted people to receive.


  1. The message that they sent was the one that they wanted to send. Now there is no walking that back, because even if the original message is pulled back, people know that the leadership that pushed the initial message is still in place. So, nothing has changed. Lots of years of good work trashed by what they have become. Somewhere they shifted from helping people to blaming people.

    1. The message they ended up sending was, "we don't want your filthy money anymore," which I am certain is not what they thought they were saying.

      I noticed a sharp contrast with Metropolitan Ministries locally. They are keenly aware that most of their donors are white and most of the recipients are black and seek to not rock that boat.

  2. Which is funny, as they were the last of the big really Christian charities that remained, well, Christian.

    Now they worship at the altar of Social Justice and, well, farted around and found out.

  3. Finally saw a bell ringer. Asked her if anyone else had talked to her about being unhappy with the Salvation Army message. She kinda developed an attitude and said they didn't do anything wrong. I said lots of people were offended and I'd seen tons of people who were saying they would not donate again..
    She said

    That's they problem..

    You can work it out from there

  4. Hey! What;s the problem? Piss off 77% of potential donors when their personal spending power has dropped 10% (or more) in 10 months, what me worry?

    I for one lost respect for that organization years ago when there was an expose on their management in NY (which I am sure is now pretty much universal).


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