09 February 2016

GURPS Battle Of The BTR-152

A real gunfight.

Start with a Colt Commander.

You've made a successful Stealth roll to approach the vehicle from behind and weren't heard climbing up the rear bumper.

Peering over the top of the troop compartment you see three enemy soldiers sitting on the seats up front, facing the front of the vehicle.

You take a ready action to draw your pistol and take one round to aim...

Your Guns/TL7 (Pistol) skill is 16.

You gain 2 from Acc, but lose 2 for the 4 yards distance from the back of the vehicle to the front.  You cannot brace or use two hands to fire because of your precarious position hanging off the rear.

You choose to shoot them in the skull to end the engagement quickly -7 and make it an all-out-attack (determined) for the extra +1.

Chance to hit the first guy is 10, then you lose the Acc bonus so 8 on the second and third guy each.  One shot per turn, three turns total.  And two whole turns for guy number 3 to turn around and shoot back if he recovers from being surprised.

Not great odds...

What if you could do it faster?

You can!  Tactical Shooting p.17-18 Shooting at Several Opponents allows for engaging more than one target per second.

The Quick-Shot technique lets you buy off the -6 penalty.

This means that the first two targets are fired upon in the first turn, so the Acc bonus is retained, 10 each then 8 on the third guy while he's taking his turn to recover from surprise!  Much better odds if you drop the [6] into Quick-Shot!

With ball ammunition you do 2d pi+.  They're HP 10 mooks wearing Soviet issue steel pots which have DR 4 then another DR 2 for the skull itself.  DR 6 total.  If you roll an average hit of 7, then 1 will penetrate the skull and do 4 points of damage.  But a maximum damage roll is 12 with 6 penetrating for 24 points of damage!  Any roll of 8 or higher is a major wound and it's unlikely that the victim will remain conscious.  Any roll of 9 or better and there's an additional HT roll to remain conscious.  Any roll of 11 or higher results in a death roll too.

Pistols suck, but being knocked unconscious by a bullet to the brain probably means you're going to die from bleeding if nobody renders first aid.


  1. So, does all this rigamorale mean that I'm actually, contrary to appearances, dead?

    1. It means that you must have put points into Quick-Shot and your player rolls low to hit and high on damage.

      The real point of going through this is to show that the rules CAN do what someone really did.


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