15 February 2016

Positive Outcome

A while back the dickheads who rented the house that got torn down across the street...

Loud music.

Unkempt yard.

And unruly kids.

The kids decided to shoot out our windows with a bb gun.

While we were home.

While I'm trying to figure out where the glass is coming from, The Lovely Harvey spots the miscreants running out of our yard across the street and into their house.

So we dial the cops.

We get two deputies who take pics of the damage, take our statements and talk to the neighbors.

Who deny that their angels even know what a bb gun is, let alone own one.

With a look of knowing that this is BS, but having not a thing to prove anyone's story, the deputy says loud enough so we can hear him from our porch, "I see from your plates that you're from New Jersey.  Welcome to Florida, and it's different here.  Florida is really big on what's called 'castle doctrine' and self defense.  What that means, to you, is if you're pointing a gun at someone, then they can shoot you.  Real gun, fake gun, staple gun, BB GUN it doesn't matter.  If they point anything at those people across the street again, and I will have come back out here and remind you we had this conversation."

He then cited them for failing to get their cars registered to their new address, waved at us, and departed.

We never heard their stereo again and they moved within two months.


  1. They probably went back to NJ complaining about the hick cops that threatened them with having the neighbors shoot them and toss their bodies to the gators while playing banjo.

    1. We'd play the bagpipes here, but still.


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