18 February 2016

Wanna Know Something I Am Not Doing

I'm not shooting at cops.

I rail about some issues involving the police and express disappointment and sadness that some areas of police standard really aren't befitting a free society.

But I still think the solution is political and getting back control of our nation from the true usurpers in government.

The blame is mostly in the governments we've voted in rather than the bottom rung police officer.

And the blame for that government is squarely in the hands of the voter.

The voters who don't bother to learn a thing about a candidate, then blindly vote for them because of some superficial aspect are to blame.  Or vote solely based on party affiliation...

The portion of the electorate that doesn't bother because it's too far to vote, too much trouble to vote, it doesn't matter if I vote is getting the government everyone else votes for.

For your vote to count you must cast a vote to be counted.

The founders warned us, those two hundred and some odd years ago that an informed electorate was key to keeping a republic.  It's why Ben Franklin said, "A republic, if you can keep it!"

We didn't keep it.

We got enamored with democracy at the expense of republicanism and federalism.

We slowly allowed more and more people who had no stake-hold in a republic the vote, and now look at where we are.

Reform would take decades if it were to start tomorrow.  It's probably not going to start this decade.

Somewhere we have to remember that we value freedom more than security because liberty with the spice of some danger is far better.  We have to recognize that we've traded that liberty, not for safety and security but simply added constraints that make us no safer.

Shooting at the po-po, even shouting obscenities, is not the path to fixing the problems we encounter with the police.

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