28 February 2016

Token Characters

How can you tell if the character is a token representative of their demographic?

Their demography is all there is about the character.

Including a demography for the sole purpose of having that demographic represented... that's tokenism in a nutshell.

OK, Mr Abrams, you're going to have gay characters.  AND?

Considering there's actually a science fiction story with gay characters that has already set the bar pretty high for the portrayal... Star Wars is going to fail to make that bar.

Check out "You, Me and the Apocalypse" to see what I'm talking about.  The gay characters are actually people first.  You know, like people are?  Their being homosexual is not their entire being and reason for existing in the story.


  1. Pandering to the PC crowd... sigh... To hell with the history and story line.

  2. And these days trying to placate the Social Justice Warriors is about as bad as speaking out against them.

    Just ask Stephen Fry and Joss Whedon.


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