12 February 2016

Gripping Tale

My Colt Model 1908 Pocket Hammerless succumbed to a common problem.

Cracked grips stocks.

Numrich lists a set of walnut replacements, with hardware! (Some fitting required).

Their hardware sucks!

So I harvested the escutcheons from the hard rubber grips, shaved a bit more off the inside step to better line up the holes and voila!

The sharp eyed will notice that I got the wrong escutcheon in the wrong grip stock, so the threads are on the left and the head on the right.  Machts nichts.

The gun is nowhere near a perfect condition heirloom, so there's no loss in making it more of a shooter; and I did keep the hard rubber until they died.

PS: It sure is cool how some new walnut perks up how an old gun looks!

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