15 February 2016


Recreating quartermaster Dougal MacConner...

At the 150/50/5 level a starting character should be, and prolly make an experienced version later one too.

It strikes me that I'd forgotten something in my assumptions running that campaign.

The articles.

A pirate who's gone on the account has a duty to the crew he's signed with.

Most articles of agreement have some sort of "breaking up their way of living" clause, meaning they can't leave their current crew until some individual financial goal has been met.

So you end up with an "Almost all the time" -15 point Duty that also has the -5 Extremely Hazardous modifier to it.

-20 points for everyone!

Except it's a campaign assumption...  You don't get points for the assumptions.

Just as nobody gets the points for Enemies.  Enemy, England, France, Holland and Spain; who show up quite rarely (6 or less).  That's [-20] for a single nation hunting you.  Some crews conspicuously avoided taking one nation or another's ships as prizes.  Adding more nations is really just increasing the frequency, not increasing the power of the groups who're your enemies.

It's [-80] for all of them once they all collude to declare pirates hostis humani generis and start showing up on a 12 or less (because at this point there's no good graces for pirates anymore).  That's when the last golden age of piracy ended, there was no place safe to unload the haul.

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