07 February 2016

The Continuing Adventures Of Casper The Friendly Ghost Gun

I tried my hand at pouring a lower.

I am zero for three.

The first one is, ironically, the one that went best.  But I did a piss poor job of getting trapped air out of the mold so there were many voids.

The second one I did the mold removal in the wrong order and split the lower in half at the hammer pin hole.

Third time I made a different mistake taking apart the mold and broke off one of the pivot pin ears.

On the plus side, I got to try several color blends to see if I could match the purple M4 stock I have left over from Valentine.

Left to right, 3rd pour, 2nd pour, 1st pour.  In person, the third pour looks best, in photos the second.

Our formulas...

1st is 4 drops of purple dye, 1 drop black.

2nd is 4 drops of purple, 1 drop red, 1 drop black.

3rd is 4 drops purple, 1 drop red, 1-1/2 drops black.

Given that it takes about 15 minutes to assemble and prep the mold, then about ten mixing and pouring, then an hour and fifteen to let it harden...  three attempts in one night is a bit much.

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