18 February 2016

Ignorance Class

Being serious about looking for training (not the crap factories I've been not-linking to)...

A gigantic fear is to pay to learn something I already know and nothing I don't.  I don't know how to ask them or how to respond if they ask me, "what do you already know?"  I lock up the same way during job interviews after they ask, "tell us about yourself."

Next down the cascade is to learn something I cannot use.

It's like looking into the cake.  Until you take a bite, what do you know?  Only then it's too late.

Then comes the spending of the money on the class, ammo, travel and lodgings.  Lest anyone think I am spending this money on guns rather than training because of the pictures I post, I mostly post pics of other people's guns.  Where I am posting about an acquisition of late, there was a disposition shortly before.

Then, and this should really be first on the list; finding time to travel and lodge.  It seems almost guaranteed that the class I'm looking at will be held in conflict with Harvey's work schedule or some essential appointment for The Boy.

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