20 February 2016

Well That Makes Sense

The State Senate Judicial Committee was locked up on pro-gun bills for campus carry and open carry by its chairman, Cockbite Rat-Fuck Son-Of-A-Bitch The Honorable RINO Miguel Diaz de la Portilla.

He explains why...

I translate.

Because he wants to keep his cushy senator job until he's term limited out or gets a higher office and his newly redrawn district ain't gonna elect no filthy republican, just Democrats, so he's got to be as Democrat as possible to pander to his new constituency.

Miami Democrats do be liking them some gun control.  Maybe they left Cuba because they just don't like Castro personally, not because of his policies?  I am going out on a limb and assuming it's the Cuban community being the primary demographic here since the last... forever... senators from this area all have Latino names.  It's not racist to note demographics.

At any rate, this makes things make sense.

It's why he allowed a bill on making public restrooms all-gender through the committee, but stopped pro-gun bills.

He will pay no price from the Republican party which is more concerned about market share than the product it sells.

Here's a message for that party...  If his redrawn district goes Democrat, he's gone.  Once he's gone we get a different committee chair, with a different committee chair, our bills get read and voted on.

Why would we support a Republican in this race?  A Democrat sitting in District 37 is better for gun rights.

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  1. The new redistricting him has him now with a good chunk of Coral Gables and most of Brickell. Old Money and New Money and more likely drug and corruption money from South America. He thinks he may get by being an asshole and not allowing them Hatians packing heat openly in the very pricey neighborhoods.
    We are in a recession/Depression and 20,000 condo units at $680 the square foot are being built in Brickell alone


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